Thrush Holmes


Whether spraying wood panel with spray paint and neon or carving out wood sculptures with a chainsaw in hand, Thrush Holmes’ unapologetic methods elevate still lives, reclining nudes, and even poetry from their traditional banality to culty, fetishistic status. Intuitive and swaggering in practice, Holmes reveals eccentric florals, brazen female silhouettes, glowing prose, and monumental "TH" initials - an exuberant display of ego, machismo, and expressionist bravado, rife also with subtle romanticism and raw honesty. Knowingly borrowing what iconography lies just as easily in thrift shops as any museum collection, Holmes navigates grandiose concepts of biography, introspection, and materiality with all the sincerity of a scrawled cocktail napkin. As the familiar transmutes into a Frankenstein hybrid and entirely new, evocative visual language, time-honored genres once so bogged down by their own histories can live again and wreak havoc once more.

Thrush Holmes lives and works in Toronto and has been widely exhibited throughout Canada. His work can be found in permanent collections such as the Elton John Aids Foundation, Sony Dreamworks, and Def Jam Records among others.

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