Elzbieta Krawecka


Elzbieta is a Toronto based artist.

Born in 1971 and raised in Krakow, Poland, where she absorbed the European time-honoured traditions she developed an eye for old world aesthetics, subsequently living in Kuwait exposed her to different cultures giving her an appreciation for travel, and by moving to Canada to attend the Ontario College of Art and Design, she developed a love for the Canadian landscape. This background is strongly reflected in her work as an oil painter.

Her painting style is a personal exploration of the transient nature of light and its potential to describe space in terms of movement. Based on the Old Masters glazing techniques, it is inspired by the nostalgia for Turner’s subtle treatment of light and space, Caravaggio’s dramatic use of tenebresco, Monet’s organization of tone and pattern, and the forceful energy of nineteenth-century Polish painters like Chelmonski, Gierymski and Kotsi.

Elzbieta has been a resident at the Pouch Cove Foundation multiple times and she has painted the east coast and North Atlantic many times to great effect.

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