Steve Driscoll


Steve Driscoll is a modern alchemist. He transforms urethane and pigment into ecstatic visions of the Canadian wilderness.

Like his historical forefathers, the Group of Seven, Driscoll heads to the forest for inspiration, mentally banking what he sees, creating visual memories that he brings back to his Toronto studio. Using unorthodox materials he creates those aspects of the wilderness experience that engage him.

The artistic process is a balancing act between accident, exploration and mark making, working with urethane. Driscoll is comfortable with industrial materials and enjoys pushing them in all directions. The experimentation is in part how they interact with the urethane, how their transparency or opaqueness works in order to make the painting magic.

The Northern Ontario forest, the Canadian Shield, has a grip on the Canadian art and Steve Driscoll reimagines it anew.

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