Nikki Baxendale


Nikki Baxendale is an award-winning Canadian artist and photographer, based in Vancouver, with a professional career spanning over three decades. Her artistic journey is characterized by a profound commitment to environmental studies, which has led her to craft a portfolio that unveils the concealed beauty of locations and landscapes imperilled by the forces of climate change and human intervention. Her passion for cause was ignited by the profound effects of 9/11 and Hurricane Sandy had on her while living in New York. After months of working in the recovery team for The American Red Cross as an investigative documentary photographer the experience that taught her the power of connection, storytelling, and sheer endurance of humanity. A moment she will never forget.
Nikki's work is an invitation to explore places and perspectives that might remain beyond the reach for many, with the hope of instilling in the viewer a sense of urgency and inspiration to safeguard these threatened realms for future generations.
Her most recent exhibition, 'Into the Ice, A portrait of Arctic beauty’ emerges from an extraordinary expedition to the high Arctic, ‘Svalbard,' situated at an astonishing 81 degrees north of the Earth's equatorial plane. In this immersive experience, Nikki, alongside five other accomplished photographers, ventured through the Arctic waters and shorelines, encountering both the mesmerizing wildlife and the frozen masterpieces of nature. The result is a collection of stories and images that resonate with the soul.
Nikki is a versatile artist, proficient in both photography and sculptural painting. Her creative process invariably commences with photography and thorough research into how light interplays with the subject's surface. Her artistic passion is deeply rooted in the exploration of water and the transfer of energy, a fascination nurtured from an early age, as she spent countless hours in her father's chemistry laboratory, peering through electron microscopes, which bestowed upon her a unique perspective. This appreciation for the intricate geometric forms and metamorphosis of subjects when exposed to light refraction, uncovered the hidden geometric and obscured lines that she fell in love with and seeks in her practice.
Her work on the canvas has often been described as painting sculptures, employing dramatic, multi-layer mediums to transform her creations into dynamic 3-dimensional pieces that seemingly leap out of the canvas.
Nikki at the core is a storyteller, her ability to weave captivating narratives into her art draws from her career as a creative director in London, New York, Los Angeles,
Chicago, and her beloved Vancouver. She hopes these moments create a pause to reflect and see the natural wonders in this ever fast paced world.
Her latest project involves a colossal 600 piece installation and the role of Chief Design and Creative officer for a Ground breaking climate restoration and luxury expedition company set to set sail November 24. Her background in both branding and marketing alongside photography and fine art will draw all her skills into what will prove to be a floating gallery and testament to her lifelong work in environmental studies.

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