James Baird Gallery

Founded in 1989 as a regional gallery on the East Coast of Canada we have developed a solid base of national and international artists through our intimate connection to an artist residency program the gallery started at the same time. 

The gallery has curated hundreds of exhibitions over almost thirty years at its facilities in Newfoundland and also at public, commercial, and pop-up spaces as well as art fairs across America and Europe. The gallery is focused on contemporary painting in its many forms and lives by the golden rule – That You Should Only Buy What You Love.

Our History

The James Baird Gallery commenced operations in 1989 in downtown St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada marketing local artists to the world.

Over time through our establishment and operation of the Pouch Cove Foundation, the visual artist residency program located north of the city, it has built connections with many nationally and internationally recognized artists.

In the three decades since inception the gallery has had numerous solo, group and themed exhibitions at its facilities, at other commercial and public venues throughout Canada, in the United States, South America and Europe

The gallery has welcomed outside curators, created pop up events, held juried exhibitions, published monographs, books and numerous posters, been involved with site specific installations and performances, assisted in the establishment of other galleries, and acted in many different capacities in furthering the interests of our artists and clients.

Our Services

The James Baird Gallery is a full service gallery offering a wide variety of services to compliment and assist your artwork purchase.

  • test drive any artwork in your own space with absolutely no obligation
  • delivery and installation
  • expertise in the placement, hanging and lighting of art
  • we offer trade-in, barter and art exchange services
  • interest free financing to suit any budget
  • art rental and art leasing
  • art appraisals

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