Dimitri Papatheodorou


Dimitri Papatheodorou is a visual artist, musician and architect. His studio is located near the town of Warkworth just east of Toronto, Canada. Papatheodorou is known for his liminal architectural renderings in oil, depicting ambiguous interior spaces. Born in Toronto and educated at the University of Waterloo (architecture), he also teaches design at the Architecture Department of Ryerson University in Toronto.
His paintings mark the progression of time, explore shadow and light, representing sequences of liminal architectural space. A work of architecture is imbued with colour, patterned textures, forming chambers of acoustic reflection. A song is written for a particular site, located in a memorable landscape, traversing the hills and valleys of emotion.

Within all of Papatheodorou’s works are elements of a life lived in real time. The paintings in particular, take months to complete; consisting of layers of glaze (oil), they are a culmination of methodical brushwork.

His visual art has appeared in group and solo exhibitions across Canada and the US. Architecturally, he is know for designing a country retreat for legendary rock musician Alex Lifeson of Rush, and also working in the social housing sector early in his architectural career.

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